About us

We're familiar with team sports, and if we're going to be on the same team - you'll want to know how well we can fill our roles.

12 years combined experience in the Sports and Leisure industry

Wez Hague

“I am very proud of the service we offer at SCL, particularly with our service being so focused on quality. Between myself and Andy, we decided very early on that integrity would be our core belief when setting up SCL. When working in partnership with us, I can wholeheartedly say that you will have our full attention and commitment.”

Andrew Beioley

“Having a vast amount of experience in the sports and leisure industry meant creating SCL was a no brainer. Working with schools who host facilities that I’ve played football matches on as a youngster gave me even more insight. The facilities we let out have such a big impact on the community they are a part of. It’s a genuine pleasure to play a part in making sports and leisure more accessible.”

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What makes us different

With over 10 years experience in School lettings management, Wez and Andrew have built a reputation for quality customer service and bringing local communities together.

Experienced sports and leisure managers, with a solid reputation in your local area

We have been working with schools in the North West since 2015, firstly as leisure assistants, then managers and now taking on the full responsibility of managing all aspects of community lettings. We have worked with schools, facilities and sports and leisure groups themselves of all sizes and circumstances. We are positive, solution orientated professionals who are well capable of fitting into your school business model.

Before becoming sports and leisure managers, we were both sportsmen. Unfortunately, we grew up with limited facilities to accommodate our passions for football, rugby, tennis and more. As opportunities were scarce, we were forced to travel long distances, play sport at late hours, or settle for sub-optimum facilities that created a poor playing experience or put us at risk of injury!<br><br>Our ambition is to work with your school to put some of these issues right for your local community. Offering people of all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds the chance to get involved or host activities that they are passionate about.

Our aim is to manage all aspects of hiring out the schools sport and leisure facilities to the local community to provide the school with an efficient source of monthly income with no disruption to the school’s day to day operations. Our fully managed package ensures we take full accountability for every single aspect of community hire including sales, recruitment, marketing, turnover and safeguarding.